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Zipper Blue

»then« by anatol knotek
from my »anachronism« chapbook
»usually a book is just a copy - but not this one. every poem is individually written with my typewriter, so each single page is unique. out of about 50 poems i chose 16 for each book, therefore also the contents varies and is never the same.«
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E hoi e, mixed media, 2001 - John Armleder

On two previous EPs, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have already been through their self-conscious, obvious-influences phase and their arty-misstep phase. Now they just rock out, stripping New Wave and metal and rockabilly down to primal thrust and blare. There are half a dozen songs under three minutes on Fever to Tell, and they sound absolutely complete.
Fever to Tell was released 10 years ago today.

Photo by Lusher

Olivier Ratsi ⎪ on Tumblr - Huang Shan
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